Addiction treatment for men and women should be customized to their unique physiological, psychological, and emotional needs. Separate programming allows clients to build friendships during therapy, and give them the best opportunity for successful recovery. Socialized to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient, many individuals hesitate to seek help for substance abuse or mental health issues. Others are in denial that they need help, or may believe that they have the situation under control. At Melrose Recovery, we take the stigma away from treatment. Tailoring drug and alcohol addiction treatment to the unique needs for individuals 18 and over, we draw clients out of isolation and help them develop healthy relationships and lifestyles.

  • Detox

  • Insurance advocacy

  • Disease education

  • Group & individual therapy sessions

  • Family relationship therapy programs

  • Young adult programs

  • Social gatherings

  • Fitness & exercise

  • Rest & relaxation

  • Aftercare planning & transitional support


To achieve and maintain sobriety, clients must learn to avoid relapse triggers and manage stress in healthy ways. Our Melrose Recovery program helps participants identify unhealthy situations, learn from experience, and build a supportive community as they begin their recovery journey. While residing at our facility, our clients also have the opportunity to participate in family therapy sessions. Melrose Recovery educates and empowers individuals to begin changing their lives for the better.